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Student and Parent Comments/Recommendations:

"My teacher is a well-educated, hard-working music educator.... He has an incredible understanding of musical theory and composition.  He instills in his students not only the basic fundamentals of instrumentation, but also the ability to read, and compose music. I would recommend Mike to any aspiring musician because he has good a understanding of music and the ability to teach it.... He is able to teach at any level of comprehension... no matter whether his students are beginners or experienced players...."                                                                                    
- Scott Dean, bass student

"[Since] I began taking piano lessons from my teacher... I have learned a lot. Not only have I learned about the piano, but about some concepts in general music.  He is a concerned, patient and relaxed teacher which makes learning from him both comfortable  and beneficial."                                                                
- Latifa Ray, (14), piano student

"My teacher has had plenty of experience and teaches very well.  He's understanding and very clear in what he has to say.  He doesn't try to hurry things up, and move on when you don't even understand the first thing; he goes at my pace.  I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning whatever instrument they want to play."                                               -Courtney Harst, (14), guitar student

"My teacher improved my trumpet playing by a large amount.... By December, I was way ahead of the class... he is a great teacher and I recommend (him) to everyone."                                                 
-Katie Hickey, (10), trumpet student

"My son's teacher has my highest recommendation as a music teacher....  In all of the bands in which my son has played, he has been one of the top trumpet players.  In the 8th grade he was chosen to play in an invitational concert for the top middle school band students in all of Ohio.  These successes in music have contributed to my son's self-esteem and help[ed] him be more successful in the academic studies at school.  I firmly believe that my son would not nearly have been so successful without the individual instruction in music, positive reinforcement and encouragement that he received, and continues to receive from him.                                    
-Bruce Anderson, father of trumpet student Brian

A word about Our Instructors and our Studio's Values

We Focus On Teaching
All we do is teach.  We do not sell or rent instruments or music.  This leaves us free to specialize in one thing - providing the highest quality of music instruction.

University Trained Teachers
Our instructors are highly qualified and have extensive teaching and performance experience, some receiving scholarships during their schooling and nominations for performance awards.  Some have appeared as guest artists with orchestras across America and are nationally recognized for their accomplishments.  Most importantly, our instructors strive to relate their teaching to each individual student's learning style.

All of our teachers have an instrument that is their personal specialty.  Whenever possible, we pair students with a teacher whose passion is for the same instrument.  If that's not possible, we pair students with a teacher whose secondary interest is the same instrument.  So, we may have a teacher whose specialty is clarinet, but who also trained to teach oboe and saxophone.  We will give clarinet students top priority for that teacher's schedule - and then oboe and saxophone students as well.

Theory, Improvisation, Song Writing, Music Styles
These skills are taught along side the regular lessons to supplement the student's skillset, but we can also set up lessons to focus specifically on these skills.  Whether the style be classical, jazz, blues, or rock, our staff has the experience to pass on to their students.