Private Lesson Pricing

30 Minute Lessons

$25 per lesson

60 Minute LESSONS

$50 per lesson


PIANO Lessons

We offer piano lessons for students who just want to play for fun and for students who wish to pursue music as a career. We will teach you how to read music, play with proper form and technique,  play chords and melody lines,  understand basic music theory, and much more! We have several piano teachers on our staff so we are able to match up students with a teacher that works best with their particular age, ability and interest. Our piano lessons start as young as five years old.

GUITAR Lessons

We offer guitar lessons on all types of guitars: acoustic, electric, classical and bass, as well as ukulele. Whether beginner or advanced we will teach you skills such as reading music, playing chords, and lead/melody, strumming patterns, picking styles, and much more! Our guitar lessons start as young as five years old. 


We offer string lessons in violin, viola,  cello, and bass (also known as string bass or double bass). We will teach you how to read music, play with proper technique and posture, how to tune your instrument yourself, and much more! Our string lessons start as young as five years old.


In our voice lessons, we teach students how to read music, safely warm up your voice, use proper pitch, use proper posture and techniques, how to breath properly while singing, and much more! Whether you want help with singing in a choir or preparing for a solo audition, our teachers are able to help achieve any students’ goal. Our singing lessons start as young as five years old.


Percussion lessons can cover a wide range of instruments. Students have the option of learning full drum kit, bell kit, and/or snare drum. Drum students will learn to read music as well as percussion notation. From the school band to a garage band, or from the high school orchestra to the local symphony, we can teach you the skills to pursue your greatest percussion dreams. Our percussion lessons start as young as five years old.

BRASS Lessons

We offer brass lessons in trumpet, trombone, french horn, and baritone. Brass lessons are hard for young children, but by 5th or 6th grade most children are ready to give it a try! We work with a lot of students who are starting band and want to catch up to other band members who've been playing longer, or who just feel more confident if they have private lessons for the first few months. We will also teach you how to play with proper technique and posture.


We offer woodwind lessons in clarinet, saxophone, flute, and oboe. Woodwinds are hard for young children, but by 5th or 6th grade most children are ready to give it a try! We have many students who have recently joined the band in school, and want to catch up to students who started at a younger age or who just want to feel more comfortable with this new instrument. You will also learn how to read music and play with proper technique and posture.

Also available:  Composition, Improvisation, Ear Training, Music Theory, Songwriting (contact us to inquire about any of these).

It's time. Discover the power and benefits of learning to play an instrument.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of musical instruments and disciplines in which a student can thrive.  We offer lessons in modern instruments made famous by rock and roll such as the electric guitar, classical instruments like the violin, viola and clarinet, as well as staples of jazz like the trumpet. A world of musical possibilities and options are before you as a student at First Choice Music Studio. 

Our teachers have all graduated college with music degrees and will help students learn the music of their favorite artists, prepare for an audition or performance, or reach any musical goal they have.

Our students have a chance to perform at one or all three of our recitals throughout the year. It is a great experience for the student to showcase the progress they have made, as well as gain the skills used in public speaking.

Learning to play, read, and make music helps unlock one's potential. It has a positive effect on one’s well-being and connects people across cultures, ages, languages, and more.

Students who have studied music tend to score better on standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT tests. Training in music creates more self-disciplined individuals with improved memory skills, stronger math and language skills, and a more creative and intuitive mind.

Wondering if your child is old enough for lessons?  Wondering if they could use some extra help to catch up the other band, orchestra or choir members? Schedule a 30 minute trial lesson and we'll help answer your questions!

“I was way ahead of my school's class"

My teacher improved my trumpet playing by a large amount.... By December, I was way ahead of my school's class... he is a great teacher and I recommend (him) to everyone."

— Katie Hickey, trumpet student