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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - Agreements and Policies
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Monthly payments are made through auto-pay. Payments are made on the 1st of each month.
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Your monthly tuition covers 4 lessons. Any unused lessons rollover to the next month and remain on your account for future use. If more than 4 lessons are taken before your next payment and you have used all the lessons on your account, you will automatically be charged for the additional lesson(s).
Late Cancellations and Make-up Lessons Agreement *
If you must miss your lesson, please cancel your lesson online at least 24 hours prior to your lesson. If you cancel within 24 hours of your lesson, it is at your teacher’s discretion if you are able to receive a makeup lesson.
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This is a month to month contract and you may cancel anytime. If you wish to withdraw, please notify us before your bill date (1st of the month). No refunds will be given for unused lessons.
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Extreme Weather or Unexpected Interruption of Lessons: If the studio must cancel lessons due to extreme weather or events beyond our control such as power outages, the missed lessons will be made up. The studio will be open unless you are notified otherwise, even on school snow days. Injuries: Parents, legal guardians of minor students and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on studio property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students before, during or after lesson time. Photo Release: The studio is hereby granted permission to take photographs of the students to use in brochures, websites, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials the studio creates. Permission is also hereby granted for the studio to copyright such photographs in its name. First Choice Music Studio reserves the right to terminate lessons with any student without notice. In such a case, a refund for unused lessons will be given.
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